Mother Root’s mission is simple: to help you feel good.

In this last year, it’s become more apparent than ever that nature has a huge role to play in our wellbeing. Not only from a nutritional perspective, but also the positive impact spending time in nature (even a quick lap of your local park on the 100th visit of the year) has on our mental health.

This intrinsic link between the health of our ecosystem and our overall wellbeing is why it’s a no-brainer that operating sustainably is one of the key values of Mother Root.

Operating truly sustainably as a small business is really challenging, so it’s going to be a long journey. But with us for the ride is the amazing Cassidy Travis - a dear friend and all-round sustainability guru.


Meet Cassidy

Cassidy originally hails from sunny California, and now lives in South London with her young family. Cassidy has worked for over a decade on environmental sustainability and international development. As a strategy consultant, she has advised national governments, UN agencies, and companies on social impact, rural development, and sustainability. Prior to that, Cassidy led work on natural-resource governance in Sudan’s areas of recurrent crisis and led strategic planning for the Disasters and Conflicts Division in Geneva. Her initiatives have focused on priorities such as women’s empowerment, climate change and sustainable resource management.

We are extremely lucky to have Cass working with us right now starting with our carbon footprint analysis and our B Corp assessment (this is the Gold Standard for social and environmental performance, more on this to come). We know this will take time, but we want to get it right and we can’t wait to share our progress with you along the way.

Cassidy's Impact For Minimising Our Impact