Too much flavour to savour

This month, we’ve enjoyed getting nerdy about how anticipation feeds into our experience of flavour. The weekly shop. Planning dinner with friends. Giving the bacon an extra second to crisp and curl. But is all this patience worth it?

In some cases, yes. But we all have moments of weakness. Guilty pleasures. Food so good you just. can’t. wait.

We turned to our team to reveal the gastronomic delights they can’t resist tucking into.

Fresh strawberries

Fat Cheddar Valley Strawbs have a seductive shine. Then there’s that sweet smell. Whenever I buy a punnet, I don’t want to risk bruising the fruit by putting them in a bag. So, I carry them. And that’s my mistake. I never make it home without eating at least one.

Alys, head of copy

Chocolate pretzels

Salty, sweet, dangerous.

Bethan, founder

Percy pigs

I used to have a real problem with Percy Pigs. I’ve managed to get over that now, but I still notice the bags in the shop every time I’m in.

Alison, financial controller

Chocolate coated almonds and pumpkin seeds

Easy to snack on with a satisfying crunch. Need I say more?

Ellie, brand director

Raw cake mix

Licking the last of the cake mix off the spoon. It’s a habit we shouldn’t ever grow out of. A sweetness overload with buckets of nostalgia thrown in, it’s all part of the build up to enjoying a comforting (baked) slice, washed down with a cup of tea.

Alison, financial controller

Fresh baguette

There’s a reason the bag for baguettes stops three inches from the top. Left exposed, it’s easy to graze on, and why wouldn’t you? Tucking in to warm, fresh, crusty bread can’t be beaten.

Alys, head of copy

Salt and vinegar lentil crisps

These never make it home. The acidity of the vinegar is just so moreish.

Francesca, marketing assistant


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