Mother Root Beverages

Ginger Switchel


Ginger Switchel

Mother Root Switchel is a full-strength ginger-flavoured drinking-vinegar. A fermented beverage inspired by a historic American recipe. It has a complex flavour profile perfectly balanced with natural sweetness.

Flavour first 

Quality ingredients, perfectly blended for the optimum balance: Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, Blossom Honey, Ginger and a touch of chili 

How to serve it?

The Signature Serve, over ice with sparkling water, is a refreshing pre-dinner drink. Mother Root Switchel can also be served full-strength on the rocks for a powerful, warming “dram” to be sipped.

American Heritage

Switchel was once America’s most popular drink. It even makes an appearance in Laura Ingalls Wilder’s ’Little House on the Prairie’. It was a thirst-quenching drink that farmers kept chilled in mason jars in the streams ready for their breaks. It was the punch that filled the bowl (often spiked with rum) in the centreof the Senate. And it was a favoured drink of the temperance movement, providing a warming kick without the alcohol.