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Marmalade Switchel

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Our Marmalade Switchel is a bright and bitter botanical blend of Seville orange, fragrant cardamom and grassy green tea. Tied together with a racy zip of Mother Root’s signature ingredient, apple cider vinegar. 

It glows in the glass and reverberates around your palate. When mixed with tonic, our Marmalade Switchel makes a beautiful Marmalade Spritz. 

Comforting, warming, intense and deliciously grown up. A perfect pick-me-up when it’s time to get back to you. Drink in the moment with our Marmalade Switchel. 

Each bottle makes up to 20 drinks

What’s a Marmalade Switchel?

As with Mother Root’s original Ginger Switchel, zingy organic apple cider vinegar is used instead of alcohol to bring out the flavour of the ingredients. The switchel making process involves making multiple botanical macerations and brews, which are then blended together to make the final bright and bitter, alcohol-free aperitif.

Mother Root’s founder Bethan says “Having worked on this new flavour for more than a year, I am so thrilled to see the final blend come together. I am obsessed with big, bold flavours, which is why I love to work with apple cider vinegar. A bit like seasoning, the ACV enhances all the other botanicals and ingredients I choose to bring into the blend, creating a complex, full-bodied drink guaranteed to awaken the senses."

Ingredients and how to serve

Our Marmalade Switchel is completely alcohol-free. 

Ingredients: Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, Filtered Water, Demerara Sugar, Botanical Extracts, Citrus Pectin

100% natural ingredients
98% Organic

For the perfect Marmalade Spritz

Fill a wine glass with ice. Mix 50ml Marmalade Switchel top with tonic water.

Garnish with a lemon twist.

Why Marmalade?

On mizzle-filled days whilst on holiday in Cornwall, Mother Root founder Bethan would pop open a jar of her mother-in-law’s marmalade. She’d slather a thick layer across crunchy white toast primed with salty butter and that first bittersweet bite would bring the sunshine back to her morning. 

Bethan wanted to reinvent this comforting, familiar and intense flavour of Marmalade to a drink. After reading many recipes, she chose a traditional blend of Seville orange and green cardamom. The warming, fragrant spice brings sophistication to the citrus.

Whether you’re a fan of marmalade or not, pour yourself a Marmalade Spritz and allow the flavourful, fragrant blend to envelop you in its bold, beautiful glow. Take a sip. Drink in the moment. It’s time to bring you back to you.


Can you send this as a gift?
Yes - you have the option at checkout to add a gift note so you can send this to a loved one to enjoy!

How does this come packaged?
We send all our products out in plastic-free packaging designed by Cornwall-based packaging innovators Flexi-Hex

Is this suitable in pregnancy? 
Yes - these are non-alcoholic, pasteurised and safe for consumption in pregnancy. 

How many calories are in Marmalade Spritz?
A standard serve of Marmalade Switchel and Tonic is 62 kcals. That’s less than the calories in a small glass of white wine or a single G&T.

Is this suitable for vegans?
Yes. Unlike our Ginger Switchel, the Marmalade Switchel doesn’t contain any honey so it’s suitable for a vegan diet.

How does this need to be stored? 
Please keep your Marmalade Switchel in a cool dry place until open. Once open, please refrigerate and consume within 1 month.

Marmalade SwitchelMarmalade SwitchelMarmalade SwitchelMarmalade Switchel