At Mother Root, we believe in the transformative power of taking time out for yourself. A moment to fill up your cup every once in a while.

But we also appreciate that this isn’t always possible for everyone, and that it’s often those most in need that cannot afford to put themselves first – whether that’s for time or financial reasons, or often it’s both. That's why we are over the moon to announce our partnership with We Free Women, a charity dedicated to providing fully funded wellness retreats and experiences for women most in need.

We Free Women focuses on offering a ‘retreat and reset’ to women dealing with a myriad of difficulties, from financial struggles to the demands of menopause, motherhood, and the complexities of caring for both troubled teens and elderly parents. In a world where women often find themselves overwhelmed by the pressures of balancing work, childcare, and home life, We Free Women creates space for them to reset, reconnect, and recharge.

We Free Women is an organisation particularly close to our hearts. We recognise the challenges that women face in making themselves a priority amidst everything else that life throws at them.

This Black Friday weekend, we will be donating 15% of our online bottle sales to We Free Women. It's our way of giving back and contributing to the incredible work they do.