Based in Peckham with her husband, two boys and elderly dog George, Mother Root founder Bethan worked in the wine and spirits trade for over 10 years and was obsessed with delicious drinks. While pregnant (and thirsty), she searched for a non-alcoholic drink with a tart sourness and flavour intensity similar to that of her much loved high-acid white wines. Despite tasting every option she could find, nothing quite hit the spot. Getting quite desperate, one fortuitous Google search for ‘where to find complex high acid non-alc drinks’ took Bethan to an old switchel recipe which called for the addition of apple cider vinegar to a blend of ginger, honey and spices. Very intrigued (and a little sceptical) she started experimenting at home by adding a dash of vinegar, which she now calls her liquid seasoning,  to all her blends. The power of sour was just what she had been looking for. Seeing the potential for bold, unforgettable flavour, Bethan wondered what would happen if she took the traditional switchel recipe and elevated it, using the techniques she had learned from wine aperitif making, like month-long macerations and brews, as well as intricate blending. This approach unleashed not only powerful but crucially complex and nuanced flavours too. These early months of experimenting showed Bethan that a new way for alcohol-free was possible. A way that was not about replicating other alcoholic drinks, but about bringing something new and truly unique, where complex flavours and integrity of the process is at the heart.

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Mother Root is the alcohol-free aperitif redefining drinking for
pleasure. We believe flavour comes first and that alcohol has nothing to do
with it. We take inspiration from age-old methods of aperitif wine making:
maceration, blending and sweetening for balance. But rather than using wine, we
use benefit-rich apple cider vinegar and fresh, natural ingredients to
guarantee a flavour experience that tastes good and makes you feel good

Whether you’re ending the day or kicking off conversations with friends, our aperitifs give you the opportunity to enjoy those precious moments without limitations.


Apple Cider Vinegar is not a trend. ACV has been around forever. The benefits range from increased energy to gut health but we love it for its ability to supercharge flavour. 

The apple cider vinegar we use to make Mother Root is organic and made in the UK. It’s a blend of four different types of apple, two cooking and two dessert, and it’s aged for four months to allow the tart-sweet combination to mellow into a bright, light, citrusy flavour.

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