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Ginger Switchel

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*Each bottle makes 20 drinks*

Taste it, hear it, breathe it, live it.

Our Ginger Switchel is for that golden hour when you’ve ticked off the to-dos and it’s time to get back to you.

Simply pour over ice, add soda water and a spoil-yourself garnish. Feet up, shoulders down. Exhale.

What’s a Ginger Switchel?

Inspired by a long-lost recipe dating back to Ancient Greece and popularised in 17th century America, our Ginger Switchel is a full-bodied, fiery blend of pressed ginger juice, zippy apple cider vinegar and mellow orange blossom honey.

Simply mixed over ice with soda water or tonic, it’s a new way of drinking that brings you back to you.

Each 480ml bottle contains 20 serves.

Ingredients and how to serve

Our Ginger Switchel is completely alcohol-free.
Ingredients: Apple Cider Vinegar, Blossom honey, ginger juice, ginger extract, capsicum extract.

100% natural ingredients
63% Organic

For a Switchel & Soda, simply fill a tumbler full of ice. Mix 25ml Ginger Switchel with 100ml soda water (or sparkling water). Add a spoil-yourself garnish for the perfect aromatic finish. We love a Rosemary sprig or citrus fruit slice.


Can you send this as a gift?
Yes - you have the option at checkout to add a gift note so you can send this to a loved one to enjoy!

How does this come packaged?
We send all our products out in plastic-free packaging designed by Cornwall-based packaging innovators Flexi-Hex

Is this suitable in pregnancy? 
Yes - these are non-alcoholic, pasteurised and safe for consumption in pregnancy. 

How many calories are in a Switchel & Soda?
A standard 25ml of Ginger Switchel mixed with 100ml soda water makes 34kcals. That’s less than half the calories in a small glass of white wine or a single G&T.

Is this suitable for vegans?
As we use honey in the Ginger Switchel, this is not suitable for vegans. However, we do source our organic honey from an ethical supplier and can provide hive to home traceability ensuring the best care for the bees.

How does this need to be stored? 
Please keep your Ginger Switchel in a cool dry place until open. Once open, please refrigerate and consume within 1 month.

Ginger SwitchelGinger SwitchelGinger SwitchelGinger SwitchelGinger Switchel