Mother Root is the modern-day revival of age-old drinking vinegars:

balanced and delicious syrups designed for sipping or cocktails.

Mother Root is flavoursome and bold. 

No alcohol required.

where it all began

As a flavour fanatic, and professional in the alcohol industry, when I became pregnant and unable to drink alcohol, I found myself frustrated with the lack of options for sophisticated non-alcoholic drinks. Wanting something to savour in the same way that I used to an alcoholic drink, I started researching and experimenting with different recipes, until I came across a historical drink which delivered the flavour and sophistication that I was looking for. Mother Root was born.

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a new drink with an old heritage

Switchel was once America’s most popular drink. It even makes an appearance in Laura Ingalls Wilder’s ’Little House on the Prairie’. It was a thirst-quenching drink that farmers kept chilled in mason jars in the streams ready for their breaks. It was the punch that filled the bowl (often spiked with rum) in the centreof the Senate. And it was a favoured drink of the temperance movement, providing a warming kick without the alcohol.