A curious collaboration with London-based artist Lucie Gray. A limited edition label full of colour, commotion and the unexpected, wrapped around our signature Ginger Switchel drink.

What do you do...
When your regular bottle is involved in supply chain delays? Not producing was never an option. We knew we had to fill the gap temporarily with a new run of bottles – and that also meant adjusting the label to fit the new dimensions. No problem. But we wondered if we could get a little bit more creative and see the silver lining in what could have been a logistical nightmare.
As we sat around the table bouncing ideas around, we thought about our label as a space for colour and the way we package up a dose of joy. A blank canvas for other people to fill up. And perhaps an opportunity to invite creatives whose work we’ve always loved to dream up something curious.
“They say within constraint lies true creativity. I’ve loved seeing Kenya and Lucie’s curious interpretation of our vibrant liquid. Their artwork has brought the brand to life in such a new and unexpected way. In doing so, they transformed what could have been a stressful small business nightmare into one of the most creatively enriching projects we’ve done”
Bethan Higson - Founder