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06 June 2024

Bright and balanced

just add soda

now with blood orange

Our beloved bitter orange brew is coming back.
This time as the even zestier...
Marmalade Switchel
It's the same bold and complex flavours that you love but we've added juicy blood orange for a more balanced and full-bodied drinking experience. Ditch the tonic or special sodas. All you'll need is sparkling water to make the perfect bittersweet spritz.


The final recipe ended up as a captivating combination of bright and bitter orange, fragrant cardamom, and a brooding burnt sugar note on the finish.


The intricate nature of extracting the colour and flavour from the blood oranges is a complex process which means our next marmalade batch will only have a limited number of bottles.

First, we start with our organic apple cider vinegar. this crisp and fruity acv is made using a combination of culinary and bittersweet apples and champagne yeast as well as a unique vinegar culture that dates back to the 1970s. the two fermentation processes take 2 months and it's here where all the flavour builds week on week. each batch is taste-tested weekly before deciding when the flavour is just right.
Next, we add our botanicals into the acv and steep them for around 8 weeks, stirring them every other day to extract the maximum flavour. nothing can rush the process. with more time, we get more depth of flavour
Then we filter the richly flavoured liquid off the botanicals, and leave it to settle, using gravity to clarify the steep.
The final stages are to blend our botanical steep with green tea and a touch of demerara sugar, to create the final balanced blend. ready for bottling, followed by a week resting in bottle to integrate all the flavours before sending out into the world.

why marmalade?

Bright and bitter.
Its gorgeous, strong flavour is a curious mix of Italian Amaro meets British nostalgia. It's comforting, warming, intense and deliciously grown-up. It glows in the glass.
It’s a playful twist on a classic bitter orange aperitif, imbued with British nostalgia and bite, with just the right amount of toffee-ed sweetness to keep you coming back for more.


Frequently Asked
Is Mother Root safe to consume if you are pregnant?
All Mother Root products are pasteurised and alcohol-free. This means they can be safely consumed if you or the person you’re buying for are pregnant. However, we also understand that every person and their pregnancy is different. We always recommend checking with a certified medical professional if you have any concerns.
Are any sweeteners/sugars used in your Switchels?
Mother Root is carefully balanced to make sure that our Switchels really hit the spot. We use naturally sweet ingredients to balance other sweet and bitter tastes in each blend. Our Ginger Switchel is sweeter than our Marmalade Switchel because of the ingredients we use. By using honey in the Ginger Switchel, each 25ml serving will contain approximately 6.6g of sugar. For something less sweet, our Marmalade Switchel has approximately 3g of demerara sugar per 25ml serve.
Is the taste of the apple cider vinegar overpowering?
It’s entirely down to your palate! Both our Mother Root Switchels are brilliantly balanced to get the mix of flavours to taste just right. But you might have a sweeter tooth or prefer more bitter or sour tasting flavours. If apple cider vinegar does come through strongly, we recommend shaking the bottle well before pouring. This makes sure all the ingredients (especially ginger) are properly mixed and you’ll enjoy a much more balanced and mellow pour.
Are Mother Root Switchels vegan?
At Mother Root, we want everyone to enjoy our drinks. But finding a balance of cost, quality and nutrition can be tricky. For that reason, not all of our products are vegan friendly. Our Ginger Switchel isn’t suitable for vegans because we use honey to sweeten the blend – it has brilliant texture, flavour and aroma. Flavour is all about experimentation though, and we’ll keep exploring alternatives. Our Marmalade Switchel is suitable for vegans. We use demerara sugar as a sweetener instead of honey.