We sat down with Goodwood's clinical lead nutritionist and designer of their Gut Health Programme, Stephanie Moore, to chat about all things whole health, gut health, and Mother Root.

What does whole health mean to you?

Whole health for me encompasses my mental as well as physical well-being and that starts with taking really good care of my gut health. Having a digestive system that you don’t notice is a sign that things are going well in there. Good gut health means enjoying great food without being at the mercy of cravings or energy crashes. The knock-on effects of a happy gut are waking early with energy and enthusiasm; enjoying rather than dreading a tough workout; having great focus when working with clients or writing my books and mental & emotional resilience with my challenging schedule and meeting the complex needs of my clients.

What is the purpose of your gut health retreats?

We have created a fun and indulgent week coupled with the latest health and wellbeing information delivered in our daily health talks and discussed during our delicious, hosted lunches. Excellent food, fantastic treatments and a supportive, caring and luxurious environment is a big part of what we do, but as important is that our guests leave with lots of new information and a clear action plan which motivates them to make beneficial changes to the way they live. There is a practical focus on what it means to optimise gut health for the long-term because good gut health is fundamental to whole-body health.

What's the most unconventional but remarkable piece of advice you've ever given or received?

It’s a hard message for many people to hear, but I am constantly explaining why eating less and exercising more is not a helpful approach to weight loss and good health – hence the title of my first book: ‘Why Eating Less & Exercising More Makes You Fat!’. It’s such an overly simplistic concept and can set up unhealthy practices, yet it is still some widely promoted.

Some of the best advice I received many, many years ago, was when making big decisions in life, if your initial response is not “absolutely, yes” then it’s a no!

Who are 3 dream guests you would like to invite for lunch with you at the estate and why?

This was surprisingly hard, as there are so many people that I’d love to share a lunch with, so I’ve chosen 3 people from the health field to help narrow it down.

Michael Pollan, an author and journalist. A fascinating man with such an enquiring mind. He has written wonderful books on food and health.

Prof Felice Jacka, she’s fun and funky, has great energy and a true forward thinker. Her work inspired me to pursue my current focus on Neuro-Nutrition or Nutritional Psychiatry.

Dr Zach Bush. He greatly influenced my thinking and subsequent focus back in the early 2000s regarding gut and soil health. The work he’s doing with regenerative farming is transformative.

How do you like to drink Mother Root?

I have been using raw apple cider vinegar as a health tonic for years, so having such a pleasant-tasting and fun way to consume ACV with the combined digestive benefits of ginger, is great for me and my clients. I like to add some of my homemade water kefir and a squeeze of lime, delish!