Did you know that the Ancient Greeks described health (hygieia) as achieving completeness and contentment? Instead of only prioritising exercise and eating well, they believed that cultural activities, community, self-learning and a positive mindset were all equally as important to maintain our health. 

But what’s this got to do with Mother Root? Well, we make ACV-activated aperitifs that make you feel great. They’re naturally bold and strong alcohol-free drinks that power full minds and whole bodies. Our serving is an antidote to ‘alternative’ – because what does it matter as long as it tastes delicious and gets you going? We want to make people feel whole and happy, not just well and good. 

In a world where health always feels like something extra we have to do, we want to prove that it’s simply a part of who you are. Instead it can simply be about understanding what makes you feel most like you – and never skipping out those parts. 

We want health to look like more joy in the in-between moments. Diving deeper into life. Looking at the bigger picture. Drinking for yourself (and not for other people). Not taking life too seriously. Taking it curiously instead. We’re here to cure our relationship with health. To turn wellbeing into wholebeing. And to find all the fun whilst doing it. 

This World Health Day, we asked some members of the Mother Root community: what does health mean to YOU? Here’s what they said…

Anna Sudbury

“For me, being healthy is having balance between my mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.  That gives me the resilience to navigate life's challenges without unhealthy coping mechanisms. As a busy mum with an active social life, I need the energy to be a hands-on parent, to see my friends and family, and to look after myself too.  When I achieve this, I'm laying down a foundation for long-term well being, and I'm illustrating to my kids the healthy, happy way I live my life.”

Becca Maberly

“It’s important to get to the end of the day and feel happy with the choices you’ve made, emotionally, physically and nutritionally. Moving your body, taking care of your mind and eating and drinking well don’t happen by chance, you have to be proactive and push for the time, space and resources to look after yourself. These things can feel like luxuries but they are necessities at the same time!”

Liberty Mills

“As someone that suffered with an autoimmune disease, for me it’s to live free of pain, physically, mentally and emotionally. This is total health for me.”

Sarah Summers

“Health goes beyond energy, strength and feeling well. For me it means having a deep sense of self connection, feeling empowered and having choices about how I get to live my life.”

Imogen Honour

“Health to me is not about being the most invincible, nor is it about doing the most in life. It’s about starting off where I feel the most able.”

Chris Taylor

“It's about caring for yourself in a kind, holistic way, both physically and mentally and sharing good practices with friends and family. By taking responsibility for yourself it empowers you to enjoy life to the fullest potential at whatever age you are.”

Rebecca Price


“Health, for me, encompasses so much more than just physical health, it is mental and emotional health too.  I truly believe that to live a healthy life, we should live life as fully as we can, actively try to be present and listen to our body to discover what makes us feel good.”