Scent and Sensibility with Evermore London


Taste and smell are the power couple we can’t imagine living without. We need both to conjure maximum flavour from everything we eat – or drink. Imagine drinking a Mother Root Ginger Spritz whilst holding your nose; you’d miss the spicy ginger aroma, and the vibrancy of the lime garnish. But these first impressions make all the difference. They root you in your delicious moment and build anticipation for the first sip.

But it’s not only food and drink that has this transformative power. Hands up if you own a scented candle or 8…

Scented candles have been around almost as long as candles themselves. The popularity of home fragrance and their starring role in anything wellness and self-care has made them a household favourite. And the hype is justified.

We caught up with founder and new mum Sarah Bell to get a flavour for the power of scent.

MR Why do you think we’re all so obsessed with scented candles?  

SB There’s something that feels both comforting and indulgent about lighting a scented candle. Finding that moment in time where you light a special candle feels like a moment to yourself or, quite equally, a moment to share when you have guests. Scented candles can change the atmosphere of room in an instant, whether that be calming or energising.

Rich, enveloping scents such as oud and patchouli create a comforting, cosy atmosphere, whilst lighter, floral and citrus scents - composed of top notes - awaken the senses quite quickly, bringing a vibrant and refreshing feel.


"Scent has the power to enhance the world around us."


MR Why did you want to get into making scented candles?

SB It was over 7 years ago when I started experimenting with natural candles. At the time there really wasn’t many natural alternatives on the market and I became quite obsessed with researching plant-based waxes and essential oils – my house soon started to resemble a science lab with all the equipment I acquired!

MR How do you go about creating an iconic scent?

SB I tend to take inspiration from nature, the seasons and astrology. I also think it’s important to work collaboratively with others, like how we did with the creation of our Smoke candle. We wanted to create something completely individual and unique; a scent inspired by smoke-filled gentlemen’s clubs of days gone by. We developed a creative team made up of a selection of individuals from the cigar industry to advise on the fragrance notes. Sometimes inspiration can come from the least likely of places. 

MR Is there a fragrance or smell that is instant nostalgia for you?

SB I wore a rose scented perfume on my wedding day almost 5 years ago and whenever I smell it, it brings me right back to that week in Italy spent with close family and friends. I often get that same nostalgic emotion when I light our rose scented Moon candle.

MR When do you love to light a scented candle? And how does it make you feel?

SB I often light a candle in the evening when I have a moment to myself. It completely calms and relaxes me. And as cliché as this is, nothing is quite as relaxing as a bath and a candle before bed.

"I can’t get enough of the flickering glow of a burning candle; it creates such a soothing atmosphere. Whenever I get the chance, I burn our Moon candle as it helps promote a restful night’s sleep."

MR We often crave flavours. Do you ever crave a particular scent?

SB I love anything with rose in it. It’s such a light romantic scent and I can’t get enough. Maybe because of the nostalgic connection it has with my wedding day. 

MR What smells, scent or fragrance are you excited for as we head into spring? 

SB Despite being a hay fever sufferer, there’s nothing quite like the smell of freshly cut grass to get me exited for the months ahead. Also, our Venus candle inspired by English gardens is the perfect scent to welcome the lighter days. 


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