Flavour Curious with Bash Redford

Bash Redford

A fellow Peckham-ite with an infamous personality, Bash Redford’s snack bar Forza Wine is a go-to spot on our side of town. An early friend of Mother Root – ask for the Mother Root Sour when you’re next in – Forza is a place to enjoy small plates, rooftop sunsets and a relaxed atmosphere with a friendly neighbourhood bar vibe that all the best places have. Bash’s open, naturally humorous character flavours all things Forza, and this month he brings his magic to our Flavour Curious series. Over to Bash.

If we came over to your place, what would we find on your kitchen table?
Tomato and chickpeas, a decent can of tuna, and a loaf of bread. The bread is interchangeable with rice but that mix makes up a solid 80% of my family's diet.

What unexpected flavour combination do you love?
Salted butter and dry Weetabix. Sounds weird as hell, it is pretty weird, but oh MY it's good.

Can you sum up what type of cook you are in three words?
'Never reads recipes.’ By this I mean I pretty much only ever cook with what's there. It's like Ready Steady Cook in my house at all times.

Is there a food, flavour or recipe that is instant nostalgia for you?
Tomatoes on toast. It's a recipe my granny made for mum, my mum made for me; everyone in our family makes it for those who seem like they really need it. We eat it a lot and it's especially delicious with chianti vinegar and homemade bread.

Do you have a favourite way to drink Mother Root?
Am I allowed to say neat? I know everyone is all into 'serves' but a little sip from the bottle, chilled from the fridge, makes me feel alive.

Do you have a favourite item of dinnerware or tableware?
Weirdly it's an enormous blue and white dutch charger plate with flies in the cast of the plate, as opposed to all over it. I never get the opportunity to use it. It lives in our storage unit for Forza but I love it so much and have never been able to get rid of it.

What small pleasures do you prioritise on a daily or weekly basis?
Is it bad to say cigarettes? I enjoy nothing more than a rollie at the end of a day. It's become my one-a-day ritual.

Extra bite
You can sample Forza’s epic snacks and small plates at The Rooftop, 133A Rye Lane, London SE15 4BQ until their new Italian restaurant Forza Win opens at 31 Camberwell, Church Street in early September. Give both places a follow at @forzawine and @forzawin. Or give their website a visit.