Flavour Curious with Bethan Higson

Our Flavour Curious series wouldn’t be complete without asking Mother Root founder Bethan to get involved. Based in Peckham with her husband Ant, two boys, Fred and Dougie, and old dog George, Bethan balances her busy days building Mother Root with family life, but here she gives us a taste of the small pleasures she takes for herself, the nostalgic dishes from her childhood, and the flavours she loves now.

If we came over to your place, what would we find on your kitchen table?
My son Fred's paper flowers, Dougie's Weetabix crumbs, letters, and a vase of fresh herbs.

What unexpected flavour combination do you love?
Vanilla ice cream and a drizzle of olive oil (love Citizens of Soil) and flaked salt.

Can you sum up what type of cook you are in three words?
Impulsive, messy, all-in-one pot.

Is there a food, flavour or recipe that is instant nostalgia for you?
Red lentil soup with a couple of drops of Maggi on top. Takes me back to lunches with my German Granny.

Do you have a favourite way to drink Mother Root?
Our Ginger Sour. I love the high-octane sour punch juxtaposed with the indulgent rich texture.

Do you have a favourite item of dinnerware or tableware?
My Zalto wine glass. I'm down to the last one as the other three have broken. The simplest design, the thinnest glass. It really makes whatever is in your glass the star of the show.

What small pleasures do you prioritise on a daily or weekly basis?
A slow pre-school walk round Peckham Rye park with my eldest son Fred, and elderly dog George. Getting my weekly podcast fix as I travel around London, and taking my youngest son Dougie to his swim lessons. It's pure joy.